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    ‘All in A Day’s Work

The new 5 Track EP released on August 25th by rising new rapper Rain-e Daze.

Vinyl distributed by Soul Trader in all good independent record shops and cd's by sending a cheque to f1st - see details below.

Rain-e Daze is an explosion waiting to happen- a Hip Hop phenomenon yet to be discovered. Quite simply, Rain-e Daze will be the biggest rapper on this side of the Atlantic.

His innovative blend of phat breaks and dynamic mixes combined with his simplistic, clearly defined rappin’ style make him an irresistible combination. He’s a risk taker in all senses of the word; his experimentation with music breaks and controversial street-wise messages
make for an unstoppable and refreshing blend of Hip Hop for the Now.


He even chose his name through irony, a play on the persistent British weather culture.

Having worked hard behind the scenes such as helping Zero 7 with a couple of tracks on their Mercury nominated album ‘Simple Things’, Rain-e Daze has now branched out into a budding solo star. His talents have even attracted TV attention and Five are following his next two years in a fly on the wall doco, as he attempts to break through and put to bed once and for all the
myth that no British Hip Hop stars make it big.

Now releasing his eagerly awaited 5 track EP - All in a Day’s Work, the South London star has already made good headway. Rain-e Daze became ‘Champion of the Week’ on BBC Radio’s ‘ Head to Head’ Rewind Selector Challenge (BBC’s 1xtra).

Track 2 ‘ Deserved Break’ was voted Champion Track beating the new singles from Craig David and ‘So Solid’s Harvey amongst others. In ‘Deserved Break’ he raps about the perils of instant fame after a chance meeting with the Devil. Lucifer gives him an option of ‘phat’ Rolexes, fast cars and fast women…. but at what cost? He sells his soul but sees sense, trading it all
in and ending up as a street- busker.

Rain-e Daze’s rapping style on All in a Day’s Work can be fondly linked to the respected Hip Hop veteran Slick Rick, Britain’s only ever successful export; refreshingly clear, concise, comical and real. He has ‘cross-over’ appeal due to the clarity of his music and his well thought out concepts. In ‘Deserved Break’ he questions the rise of certain groups as well the sad
state of Black people on TV …’ Black families in Eastenders watch out! You need to listen to understand!!

And on Choice FM, his track ‘No Gun’ from the same EP was a regular‘ hot-soul’ favourite on Jenny Francis’ Show. Miss him and you’ll Miss Out.

‘All in A Day’s Work’ cd’s can be purchased via the post at a price of £4.99
plus £2.00 post and packaging. Please send cheque or postal order to:

F1st Ltd
F1st House
PO Box 3509
CV10 0YY

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