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When it comes to getting your f1st TV Break, it's not WHAT you know but WHO you know.


1. Well I have worked in TV for the last 12 years as a TV Presenter/Producer ("Five News", ITV's "Loose Women", BBC "Children in Need", "Grandstand", "The Wright Stuff").

2. I have made award-winning TV ("Fighting Back - The Michael Watson Story", BBC2, RTS Winner for Best Documentary 2001).

3. I have sold a number of TV Formats to terrestrials and major satellite channels; one of which I am currently producing, a 10 part series "Child Snatchers" which airs this year on satellite channel Living

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Whether you want be a TV Presenter like me or get work behind the scenes you’ll NEED a helping hand. Together with my team of ‘insider’ TV professionals, I’ll provide f1st TV BREAK members with the essential info to getting your f1st TV BREAK.

Want to work on ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here’? Well we’ll guide you on just WHO to approach. Want to present ’Top of the Pops’? We have info on the celeb networking parties you NEED to go to. Want to get onto "Kilroy"? We’ll tell you how to get those studio passes! Got the next great TV show idea? We’ll show you how to write that money-spinning format so that YOU are the Strongest Link! All our insider ‘know how’ condensed into f1st TV BREAK monthly guides.

TV is booming. MORE channels, MORE opportunities, MORE openings but one thing has stayed the same. Remember... When it comes to getting your f1st TV Break, it’s not WHAT you know but WHO you know.

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