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Brian Barwick - ITV Controller of Sport
"When first meeting Trish I was taken by her warm personality, lively mind and cheeky manner. It was an irresistible combination and I thought she would make an outstanding professional because as well as all the things you need to be successful in her job, she had the most important thing; the ability to be herself, and has been ever since."
Craig Storey - Budding TV Presenter
"I have always wanted to be in TV, the buzz is like nothing else. It's no mean feat entering into something where you dont know anyone or how to get the lucky break. Trish is in there, she sees the people that we want to give us jobs! She always seems to have someone who is looking for someone.. Trish's contacts are producing some of the most exciting TV programmes in the UK, which Trish wants everyone to be a part of. Trish's enthusiasm for her industry is catching, and helps to give you that determination to keep on trying."
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